Artist Profile

I use art as a renewal of my spirit but also as an escape from the ugliness and sadness often found in the real world. Many artists choose to capture some of those things in their works. Personally, I believe Picasso’s best work was “Guernica” depicting the horrors of war, and I appreciate such subjects, but I choose to capture or create the beauty that exists in our world. I want my art to bring pleasure and solitude in a world that can very often be chaotic. I admit that I am by nature an optimistic person who usually sees beauty in the world, and I want to share my perspective with others. I want people to move into my paintings and feel at peace.

I work primarily with oils and acrylics and describe myself as a landscapist working in a representational impressionist style.  The colors of Italy and nature inspire me such as a glorious bold sunset, a vineyard or field of beautiful flowers, a rustic barn, the sun reflecting on a pond or through the trees, or the earthy tones of old Italian buildings.

Creating art is a relaxing activity, but at times it can be challenging. With each painting, I continue to push myself to go beyond what I have previously created. My biggest challenge is to know when I have completed a painting and to be satisfied with it.

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